Will the metaverse replace reality?

All Internet communities discuss the phenomenon of the metaverse, a virtual space with a deep physical presence. It’s something about the worlds of “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One”. The basic principle is similar to “The Sims”, but the metaverse user will not just control an avatar, he will enjoy full immersion. And yes, most likely there will be cheat codes ;)

Regular users are interested in how to communicate and have fun in such a place, while the corporations like Meta, Microsoft and Epic Games have a commercial interest — who will first enter the new trend, whose part of metaworld will be more attractive.

The first mention of the metaverse concept can be found in “Snow Crash” written by Neal Stevenson in 1992 — that is, the term is thirty years old. But prototypes of such worlds were mentioned in literature, movies, games even before, back in the ‘60s.

So why does this idea attract so many people now? It is thanks to the very fast development of technology, the growing addiction to the network. If ten years ago it would seem fantastic, now it looks quite a logical step. Indeed, who needs boring Zoom conferences if you can meet with colleagues or friends in the Wild West or in space where it’s possible to see each other as in real life, hug, etc.?

It goes without saying, the coming metaverse provides great business opportunities for advertising, promoting and growing customer loyalty. Augmented reality will allow to try on the dress right here and now. Or try out a new car brand. Or taste a futuristic dish. The possibilities are truly endless.

Of course, a safe and convenient metaverse has become possible with blockchain development (even the #MetaHash name means it :) ). In particular, blockchain tools will be useful to confirm the right of ownership. For example, you can’t do without NFT when buying “metaland” or “metahouse”.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of obstacles and questions on the realization of a full-fledged metaverse. However, we already can imagine how our life changes if we remove barriers like distance or languages, if we use the new world for work and development, if we make it decentralized.

And for you, is the coming metaverse more frightening or attractive?

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world! https://metahash.org/

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