Waiting for crypto morning

For the last several months, the crypto market has been living in bear mode. Projects are going bankrupt, investors are turning pessimistic, fraudsters are becoming more active than ever.

Meanwhile, high volatility is normal for such young assets as cryptocurrencies. If you look at the global chart of bitcoin price changes, you will see that a fall is always followed by a rise as summer is always followed by winter.

Once co-founder of Paradigm and Coinbase Fred Ehrsam shared his experience of surviving crypto cycles and left some advice on what to do when it goes down/up and what not to do. Spoiler: panic and urgent withdraw are definitely not a good idea ;)

Crypto winter or, as Elon Musk puts it, crypto night has its advantages. It is a period to accumulate forces, study the market, and find new points of growth. Now is the best time to concentrate on development, product improvement — and with the spring or a bull market beginning, major releases are sure to be announced.

Together with you, we are experiencing the second cycle of “crypto-seasons”: the ICO boom, the ups and downs of bitcoin, the hype about NFTs and more. Regardless of these events and the “time of year” #MetaHash will continue to go forward — thanks to you.

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