Strategic partnership between #MetaHash and MeowSwap

2 min readDec 30, 2021

Opening up the curtains a bit, we want to make a spoiler of a couple of wonderful things that will come out of this partnership.

First, Cardano and #MetaHash tokens will be able to freely move between networks!

Secondly, it would be possible to make thousands of simultaneous exchanges!

And third, speed and throughput will open up huge possibilities for trading bots!

That’s just the beginning. You can expect a lot of awesome things next year as we are preparing #MetaHash to enter the DeFi space after New Year. So we’ll inform you about our rollout plan of all the features that are needed for that.

And one more small update. In #MetaGate version 0.5.985 (left bottom corner of the window), you will find notifications on the current network state, so you can always be aware of what is happening on the network right now. For example, the notification “Network is not stable. Transactions may be delayed or rejected”.

We are looking forward to the next year, and be sure — we’ll reach the targets and make #MetaHash useful for any crypto holder!

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