Project progress 28.05.2022

2 min readMay 28, 2022

Hi all!

Some of you are concerned about “the network outages”. In fact, it relates only to synchronizing problems of the Core nodes. Our team is fixing the problem. To ensure asset security, we had to reverse the transactions in some blocks as most chains do or get the network to negotiate synchronization processes without reversing. We’ve preferred the second way.

Sync problem frequency depends on the speed of the Core nodes — the faster they are, the fewer failures occur. However, the entry threshold should stay the same, so we are not going to tighten the hardware requirements.

In any case, there is no need to worry — the synchronization problems are temporary and manageable. We’re doing our best to make synchronization much faster and smoother.

Another popular question is how smart contracts and smart tokens differ. Contracts are essentially an add-on to regulate transactions, including tokens issuing, while smart tokens are more secure as their functionality is implemented directly into the network code. In addition, this approach does not require programming skills and any user can issue his token just by paying a fee.

We believe that smart tokens will cover 99% of crypto enthusiasts’ needs. And hope to release this new tool in the next quarter, along with bridges: together they are much more useful.

You may ask, what about the roadmap? As practice shows, when it comes to ecosystem development, the final release date depends on many factors. While we don’t want, for example, to sacrifice security to meet the deadline — the #MetaHash team is for a high-quality reliable product.

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