Project progress 26.11.2021

2 min readNov 26, 2021


Welcome to the new report ;)

Let’s start with a recent update for #MetaGate.

Some important updates come with version 0.5.966:

  • now a button to go to the key folder is available in the #MetaWallet app;
  • sorting the votes according to completed/actual is added;
  • the Core-node version is displayed;

In addition to a couple of minor improvements, we’ve fixed the display of typebars on the delegation page. Now users with gadgets with low screen resolution can also enter the password easily.

Speaking of updates, the community has already suggested some. We’ve already accepted the ones that relate to the project economics, and perhaps they will be voted for — when the full-fledged functionality of #MetaVote will be implemented.

As for listing on exchanges, we understand that many of you worry about this issue (so we do!). But we cannot comment on this process until we get permission from the exchange itself.

Thanks for your understanding and have a great weekend!

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