Project progress 23.04.2021

Meet the next news clipping!

This week we faced problems concerning Torrent nodes. Even the “red zone” nodes participate in the network operation. Over the past few days, our technicians have resolved this issue, but we continue to monitor the situation to avoid potential network outages.

In addition, we are optimizing BTC/ETH wallet software in #MetaGate. If suddenly you can’t transfer or don’t see your balance — don’t worry, it’s just because of current work. It will not take more than two weeks.

And now, for the positive news!

Many of you have asked for a communication platform for node owners, developers and other “tech guys”. So we are happy to announce that such a platform is going to be launched next week.

Also, we want to congratulate the team of MHConnect enthusiasts on successful publication of wallet for iOS devices! The app is now available for download. You can always support its devs, leave your feedback and ask questions in the MHConnect chat room.

P.S. We have found some small bugs on our site and also fixed them.

Have a nice weekend! :)

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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