Project progress 19.11.2021

2 min readNov 19, 2021


The end of business days means the start of a new report!

There were no big announcements this week, but life is still buzzing. Development and testing of the planned features and debugging of the current ones are going on. The community is also growing. Newbies keep coming in, and we are getting more and more questions about how to start forging, launch a node and so on. Note that all the practical instructions can be found in our Readme.

Let’s get back to the development process. It’s no secret that most of the functionality planned in the roadmap is ready. Now it is undergoing internal tests — for example, as smart tokens tools are doing. By the way, you also asked a lot of questions about how to use such tools, which is pretty difficult apart from the other network infrastructure. That’s why it was decided to release these tools along with the bridges — so that tokens created in #MetaHash could be freely exchanged for tokens from other platforms, to widen the range of their application.

But before all this functionality becomes available to users, every line of code must be tested carefully. The good news is that the network is technically ready for the introduction of new features. To compare, it only remains to check the flash drive for viruses and insert it into the PC :) If a network update is still needed, we will put it to a vote in the #MetaVote and announce it in all news channels.

And we are still accepting questions about our AI, so don’t forget to post them in the chats. Feel free to ask if you’re interested in other parts of #MetaHash as well — or even suggest topics for new articles.

See you soon!

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