Project progress 14.01.2022

Hi all! We hope you're well rested and ready for 2022!

And it's time for our first January report.

Let's start with some changes. The "Meta" word has become very popular over the past year and so we are going to upgrade our products’ names. So, very soon #MetaGate will become #MetaHashGate, #MetaApps will be named #MetaHashApps and so on. But, of course, the tools will remain the same, and your funds will stay safe. The main thing is don't forget to save your private keys and passwords :)

And now for the good news. #Metagather is running again, so every user can share referral links and newbies can try forging without any initial investment.

We continue to work on the release of the project's ecosystem. Tokens, bridges, and NFT will largely determine the options for using #MetaHash and implementing it in DeFi. And that process has already begun! Collaboration with MeowSwap is just one of the first steps towards this great goal.

But the team's main goal this year (and the following years :)) is to make #MetaHash an important part of the DeFi world. To do this we need to integrate with other ecosystems, so the mentioned features (like bridges) are really vital for our platform.

Of course, we also work on improving services that are already in place. For example, we plan to offer an option for unloading wallet transaction history — so it will be more convenient for users to report on their income.

If you have a suggestion how to make #MetaHash better, we invite you to share it in our chats and social networks.

See you soon!

The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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