Project progress 17.12.2021

#MetaHash team is here!

We suppose that you are waiting for a statement from Gleb. After Christmas, he’ll make it, to shine a light on the situation concerning Meow Swap and share our plans regarding further development.

The most important thing is that the project is alive, developers are working on the code, and our founders are looking for the #MetaHash promotion with others communities.

What about releases delay, it’s better to launch the whole ecosystem then separate instruments, because they will be 100% effective only in tandem. For example, tokens feature works better along with the possibility to exchange them for others tokens.

So let’s talk about small but necessary updates. This week, we renewed the Docker image for Peer nodes. To install it, just go to the Peer node directory, run script, and check a current version with a docker ps command.

Also #MetaGate is going to get an upgrade. In the new version we’ll “hide” old Testnet dApps, so all users can enjoy the function of “total delegating” without writing an amount manually.

Besides, there are only two weeks before 2022! Catch holiday vibes and be ready to summarize the results of this year.

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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