Project progress 03.12.2021

Time to share the latest news!

First of all, we continue to optimize #MetaGate. For the new update, we’ve added a long-awaited trick — to mark the nodes which promise huge bonuses but in fact do not give any additional rewards as “FAKE”.

Recall that the bonuses are not provided by the network itself and only a node owner decides whether to provide them or not. If you find any server cheating on delegators, be sure to report it to the team.

In addition, during the delegation process, pay attention if the node reaches the hardcap. In the case of delegating above this amount, the rewards for these coins will not be charged.

Another new feature is disabling TMH wallet. Why? Previously it was applied in the Testnet, but hasn’t been used for a long time and moreover, and besides, some users accidentally sent non-test coins to this wallet. If this problem is still relevant for you, use the simple instruction.

And finally, a little spoiler of upcoming updates. Very soon a block with information about the current versions of nodes will appear in the Network Monitor application. This will be one of the first steps to stop rewarding servers using outdated software.

That’s all for now, see you soon :)

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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