Project progress 01.07.2022

2 min readJul 1, 2022

Sure you’re wondering how our developers are doing. Go on👇🏼

Firstly, they continue Cores testing and debugging. By the way, during the last week, you might have faced network outages due to this technical work. We have been monitoring these outages to gather more data, optimize the Cores, and improve network performance.

Secondly, some users have reported that the #MetaHashGate app gives a white screen when upgrading Ubuntu to version 22.04. Our experts have checked the program and found no errors. This is most likely an Ubuntu system problem that will disappear with an update of #MetaHashGate. Since a new version of #MetaHashGate is still under development, for those who need access to the program on Ubuntu right now, the best solution is to roll back to a previous version of the operating system.

And some good news. The network speed has exceeded 195,000 tps! And if the progress is about the same as during the last three weeks, we will reach the milestone of 200,000 tps by the end of July!

That’s all for now, so stay tuned!

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