Private Round is successfully closed!

2 min readMar 2, 2018


In 2017 the #MetaHash team did a great job — we created the alpha and beta versions of the #TraceChain protocol and joined forces with the strongest companies in the fields of international marketing and business development. We met experts in such branches as Blockchain technology, financial security, stock exchanges and many others, ready to join our project as advisors and help to turn it into something really great. And the efforts of our team have fully paid off!

Today we feel special encourage and confidence that our work was not in vain. Our Private Round have just ended, during it experts and advisors, which are interested in the project joined #MetaHash. By combining our efforts we will promote our product on the market. The demand outstriped our supply, a number of participation requests was 20 times higher than project needs today! The whole team #MetaHash is thankful to you for such activity and faith in our project! It’s very important for us to see that our idea and its realization are needed and interesting for a lot of people. We will continue our business with greater conviction in its usefulness and relevance for everyone.

Also, because of the end of such a significant stage, we have some important information to announce:

  • Private Round is closed, requests are no longer accepted;
  • The number of people wishing to participate exceeded our prospects in more than 20 times (to be accurate, in 21.5!).
  • We have started registration of the legal entity MetaHash AG in Switzerland;
  • Within a few days, we will update the information concerning the timing and rules of the presale on our information resources.

The #MetaHash team expresses its sincere thanks to people wanted to participate in our project! You will have that opportunity more than once, you just need to monitor the events’ course. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our sources to be aware of any changes. The plan for further releases is presented both on our website and in White Paper, where you can see that our projects are very ambitious! See you soon!

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