NFT as a cryptotrend

2 min readFeb 28, 2022

NFT is a hot trend but the period when “pictures” were sold out in seconds is over. Now NFT developers should offer something more interesting and reliable, for example, to release a collection on a blockchain ecosystem.

In this respect #MetaHash is ready for market challenges — our coming functionality will open up new opportunities for NFT development.

So, what are the requirements for non-fungible tokens? What are crypto activists interested in, what are they willing to purchase certain digital assets for?

First and foremost are GameFi projects, cryptogames where you can not only have fun, but also earn money. Everyone has already heard about the success of Axie Infinity. There are many other high-profile examples like Crypto Kitties or Waves Ducks from the official Waves blockchain team. Their principle is similar to cats and axies: ducks can also be grown, sold, and crossbred to get unique items. However, Waves Ducks goes further and opens its space to the worlds of other NFT games, in other words, moves towards the metauniverse.

By the way, token-coins from such projects are also in demand. As a rule, they are used as a local currency: users pay for bonuses and items, develop the internal economy.

This is not to say that NFT remains only in the digital space. Today, with the help of NFT-platforms it is already possible to buy tickets to concerts, the rights to real objects. Even documents for movable and immovable property can be issued on blockchain. We can assume that someday voting will also be based on the principles of NFT — each vote will be represented as a non-fungible token.

To summarize, here are several advantages of NFT on the basis of #MetaHash pointed out by Gleb Nikitin:

  • three times cheaper token transactions than similar networks offer;
  • instant NFT transfers from wallet to wallet;
  • no anchors in a specific chain;
  • the possibility to connect to other networks via bridges.

And besides, you don’t have to download the whole blockchain to find out details about a particular NFT — it’s enough to request the needed information via decentralized torrents.

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