#MetaHash Unveils Lightning-Fast Protocol, Processes 60 000–80 000 Transactions Per Second

Public Invited to Try New Blockchain 4.0 Network

The public is now able to test out MainNet, also known as “end product”. A blockchain that carries out the functionality of the network is ready and available for download. It’s a rare situation where the MainNet is launched before the start of the ICO! This way, everyone will have the ability and the access to the technology, to see how it functions. After doing so, investors can decide whether or not to fund the project.

#MetaHash, a blockchain-based digital asset exchange network and decentralized real-time application platform, announced the launch of its #TraceChain protocol and #MetaGate browser. The #MetaHash network is designed to solve many of the issues currently plaguing the industry, including partial centralization, high fees and slow transaction speeds. Interested parties can now download the free browser on the network’s official website to experience the first geographically distributed network capable of processing over 50,000 transactions per second, at no more than three seconds for approval.

The truly decentralized distributed ledger enables speeds exceeding traditional systems from payments stalwarts Visa and MasterCard, which process 24,000 and 44,444 transactions per second, respectively.

The trial period, expected to run through Q2 2018, leverages more than 200 temporary servers distributed around the world that are rented at $40 a month on average. The fact that the network doesn’t require expensive hardware to operate cuts down the costs significantly allowing unprecedentedly low commissions per transaction to be achieved. Once real #MetaHash coins are distributed servers will be substituted by Nodes of people that wish to become network operators and the network will become fully decentralized.

Contrary to comparable networks, #MetaHash is expertly designed to process record volumes of transactions with relatively inexpensive hardware, resulting in some of the industry’s lowest per transaction commission rates.

Decentralized systems can serve micro-transaction needs like centralized credit card companies do. The public opening of #MetaHash and its volume and speeds results prove it.

#MetaHash core technology development started back in 2012 and has been self-funded by its founders — Gleb Nikitin and Anton Agranovsky who have a professional background in gaming development, data storage and exchange technologies. Now #MetaHash is an international project with more than 150 team members around the world.

#Tracechain protocol and the #MetaGate browser will be immediately available on MAC, Windows and Unix. Soon smartphone users will be able to test these products as well, #MetaHash will announce #Tracechain and #MetaGate launch on IOS and Android shortly.

For more information and to experience the trial, please visit metahash.org.

About #MetaHash

#MetaHash is a blockchain-based digital asset exchange network and decentralized real-time application platform. The versatile network utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to synchronize cross-continental nodes to create an optimal map of the network, based on latency rates. The technology then redistributes the data accordingly, harnessing the full power of the entire network, enabling unprecedented processing speeds capable of five billion transactions per day, at no more than three seconds for approval of each transaction.

The #MetaHash system is comprised of four components that form a single, synergistic entity:


An automatic self-learning signal routing protocol, #TraceChain can process more than 50,000 transactions per second. It grows as more nodes with higher bandwidth are added to the network, forming its core and improving the reliability of additional #DataChains needed for running applications.

#MetaHashCoin (#MHC)

#MHC is a digital asset that acts as means of payment in the network. #MHC provides consensus and regulates self-financing of network development. Digital assets in the form of tokens in the #MetaHash network can be exchanged within the network, and also converted into tokens of other networks, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and back.


The core code of #MetaApps optimizes the location of application copies based on required resources and financial motivation of the owners of nodes connected to the network. Any developer can create and publish an application in #MetaApps, while #MetaHashCoin holders decide via open vote whether or not to approve updates or changes, reflecting the universal values of all network members.


#MetaGate is a browser for decentralized applications that includes a multi-currency wallet. Via its open source interface, third-party developers can use #MetaGate code to embed #MetaApps and #TraceChain/blockchain features into various applications and browsers.

The platform, based on its unique #TraceChain protocol, offers unparalleled speed, security and decentralization at the lowest price per transaction in the history of the blockchain. Signaling the future of the distributed web, #MetaHash is among the pioneers of blockchain interoperability, allowing networks to interact and integrate with each other.

Welcome to #MetaGate!

To learn more, please visit metahash.org or follow #MetaHash on Medium. You can also join the official chat on Telegram.

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