#MetaHash secures Internet

2 min readAug 5, 2022

To continue our #MetaHash ecosystem review, let’s talk about TOR and VPN.

Since #MetaHashGate is also a browser, you can use it to visit any site, from google.com to your personal blog — just don’t forget to add https:// :) So what distinguishes #MetaHashGate from Chrome? The decentralized domains, built-in TOR, and, in the future, VPN. They guarantee a secure connection to the Internet.

We have already written about domains and most of you are probably familiar with the other technologies. But let’s remember the differences: TOR is a proxy-server system for anonymous network connection while VPN is a tunnel between your device and a remote server. Both technologies help access blocked resources and hide your IP address and other data. However, connecting via TOR is more vulnerable: connections can be tracked and the speed may not be fast enough. VPN wins in this sense, but truly quality services tend to be paid.

To achieve maximum protection at maximum speed, we suggest combining both options! Such functionality will soon be available in #MetaHashGate: the #Hashtag.Space team is developing its VPN to integrate it into the ecosystem and strengthen the already working TOR. That way, all the convenient and necessary functionality will be available in one window, and users won’t have to worry about their security.

Use #MetaHashGate, share your experiences and wishes — we’re building a decentralized Internet together!

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