#MetaHash ecosystem is growing

Decentralized domains and ENS (Ethereum Name Service is a popular service to convert wallet addresses, hashes, and other identifiers into easy-to-read words) are gaining more and more popularity. This trend proves that #MetaHash outpaces the market. Sounds like an overstatement but decentralized domains appeared much earlier in our system, thanks to #HashtagSpace and its founder Robert Bibb.

ENS uses NFTs for unique address creation, which leads to additional gas costs. In #HashtagSpace, everything is much easier. To turn a domain into a readable one, #MetaHash users do not need to bother with tokens functional, text length, and gas fees. You even don’t need to leave #MetaHashGate — you can pay for #MHC updated address (check the instruction here). Even the low balance is not a problem — just use theBridge to get the missing coins through PayPal. Instructions are also available on Readme.

By the way, #HashtagSpace has acquired new features since our last review, and they definitely deserve some attention!

  • SPACEBAR. Decentralized social network for crypto enthusiasts.

As you can see, the functionality of #HashtagSpace is quite wide — it’s only up to you what to choose. Don’t forget to recommend it to your friends :)

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