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Our partner, the automated staking platform — aStake, will have its launch on 7th April 2022. Today’s post outlines how their service works.

The main goal of aStake is to make the staking process easy, safe and profitable. This is how it works👇

1️⃣ You stake MHC coins on the #MetaHash network through aStake.

The low entry threshold allows you to start with only 2048 MHC (~$10 to $50). You need to pass KYC, after which you can invest. You can make payments by bank cards and cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT).

2️⃣ aStake keeps the server running.

The entire process is fully automated and you do not need to spend time and money on staking equipment.

3️⃣ Your MHC coins contribute to the network’s functionality.

A personal wallet is сreated automatically and sent to the user with a private key. After that, you can set your password. aStake doesn’t hold private keys and cannot access the wallets of customers. You solely control your funds.

4️⃣ You receive rewards in MHC from the MetaHash network.

The estimated return from staking is 17%. At the end of the staking period, MHC coins can be either staked again or exchanged.

Join aStake and earn by staking!

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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