Cryptocheese in a cryptotrap

2 min readJun 24, 2022


Some of you are into bounty, airdrop and other tokens-for-action programs. It’s a popular marketing ploy, but, as you understand, it’s often used by scammers.

They also affect #MetaHash, we regularly meet such offers.

Don’t fall for the tricks and definitely don’t send money to unknown wallets!

And in general, our team treats the distribution of our own coins for users’ actions as harm. We follow this approach from the very beginning of #MetaHash — we’ve never used #MHCs as a reward for marketing programs. ETHs were the trophy for our bounty, BTCs were counted for trading contests for listing on exchanges. And in case of #MetaHashGather the coins are given only for forging testing, they can’t be withdrawn.

But why can airdrops be risky? Usually, such programs are intended to encourage early birds and attract new users by “just make a repost, get a coin and become an investor in the project!”. Indeed, it sounds tempting and the audience is growing — but the quality of this audience leaves much to be desired. People come for easy earnings, without sharing the project idea, without really trusting it, without participating in its everyday life. As a result, the value of its crypto assets will fall. And, of course, airdrop is a heaven for scammers — fake tokens, dubious sites, viruses and data stealing.

So, to participate or not is a personal risk. But if you dare, be critical, make your own “investigation” and keep a backup at hand!

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