Blockchain and games pump each other

Video games are driving the blockchain industry, it became clear in 2018. No wonder, entertainment helps to popularize technologies: games do not require special knowledge or money to enter. Moreover, with blockchain, games become more transparent. No more bots and cheats, no more censorship and inequality, new opportunities — doesn’t it sound promising?

In 2021, blockchain gamification has become an undeniable trend, largely due to NFT spreading. Tokens are handy for working with digital game assets: characters, land, clothing, and other items. What could be more fun than riding in a spaceplane acting as a duck with the face of Elon Musk? And then cross that “duck” with a “flying rabbit”, and get a unique avatar that can be sold for tens or even hundreds of thousand dollars?

The variety of possibilities daily attracts millions of active users — especially people from economically unstable countries, for whom play-to-earn platforms like Alien Worlds, Farmers World and Axie Infinity have become real “working offices”.

By the way, here is also a game based on #MetaHash. This is MetaMines. We are sure you’ve already tried your hand :) According to rumors, a casino is also in progress. Well, why not? Blockchain can and should be used in every area of our daily life!

This year the interest in blockchain-based games will only increase. Gamification of dapps will be especially popular, and new decentralized game worlds will appear.

Moreover, many cryptospaces and communities will merge, and companies will increasingly invest in interoperability, including with games. Yes, the metaworld is just around the corner!

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The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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