The end of business days means the start of a new report!

There were no big announcements this week, but life is still buzzing. Development and testing of the planned features and debugging of the current ones are going on. The community is also growing. Newbies keep coming in, and…

Waiting for another update? It’s already here!

On Monday, the #MetaGate version 0.5.960 will be available, with a long-awaited voting function! Thanks to the whole community for patience and support!

This is an important step to strengthen decentralization. Very soon any member will be able to propose his own version…

While waiting for development news, we’ve prepared a brief comparison of #Metahash and Solana. Both projects have a lot in common: strong teams, active community, high speed, and a non-standard approach to consensus. Both projects have already proved their ideas in the cryptomarket, listed on exchanges, and got partners.



The fastest crypto-currency in the world!

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