Hi all! We hope you're well rested and ready for 2022!

And it's time for our first January report.

Let's start with some changes. The "Meta" word has become very popular over the past year and so we are going to upgrade our products’ names. So, very soon #MetaGate will…

31st December is the right time to turn around for the outgoing year!

Core nodes were launched during the first quarter, so now all node roles are available for users. It means that #MetaHash has reached decentralization, which is one of the main project goals.

Other roles also got updates…

While the team is working on new features, let’s remember why #MetaHash stands out in the blockchain market.

If previously the word “cryptocurrency” was associated only with Nakomoto, now the situation differs thanks to many young “blockchain knights” that made their voices heard in recent years.

First and foremost is…

#MetaHash team is here!

We suppose that you are waiting for a statement from Gleb. After Christmas, he’ll make it, to shine a light on the situation concerning Meow Swap and share our plans regarding further development.

The most important thing is that the project is alive, developers are working…

It’s been more than a decade since the creation of the first cryptocurrency. Projects and technologies have appeared and disappeared. In this series of articles, we would like to talk about the history of crypto development and why certain decisions were made during the MetaHash development.

The concept of cryptocurrencies…

Time to share the latest news!

First of all, we continue to optimize #MetaGate. For the new update, we’ve added a long-awaited trick — to mark the nodes which promise huge bonuses but in fact do not give any additional rewards as “FAKE”.

Recall that the bonuses are not provided…

The end of business days means the start of a new report!

There were no big announcements this week, but life is still buzzing. Development and testing of the planned features and debugging of the current ones are going on. The community is also growing. Newbies keep coming in, and…


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