Hi all!

Do you want a development update? Here is it — the technical work on smart tokens is finished!

Soon #MetaGate interface will be updated to version 0.5.993 and everyone of you will enjoy the new functionality.

The #Metahash team (of course, with the active support of the community!) is gradually realizing its roadmap, and we are excited to share with you the progress.

Today we’re going to talk about the financial systems’ revolution. With the advent of DeFi and DEX, outdated centralized protocols (which are under the influence of regulators, censorship, and not always fair and appropriate restrictions) are transforming into reliable and transparent networks, which can operate without third parties. In other words, decentralized exchanges facilitate trading but do not control the users’ funds.

#Metahash supports the security, independence, and scalability that decentralization provides. That’s…

It’s Friday! It means it’s time to share a fresh report on the progress of #MetaHash!

Have all of you updated #MetaGate and Service Torrents? If not, do it — without the updated software you won’t be able to use smart tokens (which we’ll introduce very soon!) and other network benefits.

But let’s talk about another kind of token, NFT. As promised, we will reveal some details about the development progress.

First of all, the website for NFT is almost ready, now it is going through the final checks.

It’s time to flip the calendar to September and meet the new report!

If you didn’t read the AMA of MetaHash co-founder Gleb Nikitin, you can do it by the attached link. Thanks again to the MHC.ZONE team for the prepared summary!

So, we continue to follow our path of development and get closer to the launch of smart tokens! Two weeks ago, we talked about the three steps required for this: updating the Service Torrent, as well as a new version of the MetaGate shell and interface. And we have done two of them.

It’s your turn! Now is…

Friday evening is time to take a cup of tea and enjoy another report about #MetaHash progress :)

First of all, we are going to hold the next AMA with our co-founder Gleb Nikitin. Don’t miss your chance to ask questions, leave them under the event announcement!

By the way, we are already getting questions for Gleb — many of you are asking about what functionality is prioritizing for the development team. The answer is that, of course, one of the most promising areas is a bridge between TraceChain and the Ethereum network.

Secondly, we can already reveal some details…

Hi all! Here is a new weekly report from the #MetaHash team.

Some of you may miss the recent interview with our co-founder Gleb Nikitin, it’s time to fill this gap ;) By the way, thanks to the efforts of our Ambassadors and other activists, soon we will share another video with Gleb.

Speaking of videos, what do you think about shopping with #MHC? Pizza, coffee, or maybe clothes?

Also, we’ve almost finished the reviews of the new roadmap stages, so let’s see how the development process goes.

Well, this week our devs have been working on the integration of…

One of the main problems of most blockchain networks is their limited scalability and incompatibility with other systems. First of all, this entails limitations for users and developers — using one platform, they cannot take advantage of others.

Blockchain bridges, which are designed to connect different ecosystems, can solve this problem. It can be used to transform token standards, make them “readable” for other blockchain networks, and even transfer specific data with smart contracts.

The benefits for users are obvious, but there are also benefits for the networks themselves because it offloads their own capacities, promotes decentralization, and pushes the…

The #MetaHash community is growing day by day, so it’s time to introduce the functionality of decentralized web hosting to newcomers.

As you know, traditional centralized web hosting works by maintaining your website on a provider’s servers. If for some reason these servers are overloaded or shut down, the site and its content will be unavailable. In a highly competitive environment this may result in a loss of customers for businesses, for example.

Blockchain has made it possible to fundamentally change the way of hosting and domain naming. The #MetaHash team actively supports such initiatives — we believe that everyone…

Non-fungible blockchain tokens that cannot be secretly falsified, split or replaced can influence the future of the intellectual property market. That's because in recent months such tokens have become actively used as digital certificates confirming the right to own an asset.

For example, the American DJ 3LAU was the first to tokenize a music album and sell it as a limited edition. Now the famous rock band Kings of Leon is planning to release a new studio record in the form of NFT. Even traditionally offline art is being digitized — for example, the famous artist Banksy's painting "Morons (White)"…

Did you miss our traditional Friday’s reports? We’ve just brought some interesting news!

Firstly, last week we shared information on token testing. Smart tokens are going to become one of the most important components of the network because they will open the crypto world for people who lack special education to launch their own token.

We already talked about this functionality in previous articles — it can be useful for many users who do not have technical knowledge.

For those who missed it, here is a screenshot with the results of a test transaction with tokens:


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